is a qute dog

For #mastomonday I made a pair of shoelaces for my Significant Ottr, @Alistor, out of paracord and some metal aglets.

I had to use the crimping jaws on my wire strippers to get the aglets down to a size that'd fit in the hex-crimper I picked up.

The colors were her choice. :blobyeengrin:

happy #mastomonday! I missed last week but I wanted to continue my trend of sharing a game that ive made and one that I did not

for mine : "this is just to say"

extremely short, very silly joke, possibly the bitsy im most proud of, if only visually

for this week’s #mastomonday, let’s start a crowdfunding thread! 💜

if you’re in need of help during these rough times, reply with a way for us to donate to you!

i’ll help as many folks as i can :3 if you can help too, please do!

Hey y’all, this is a transmasc artist who needs insulin and their insurance is refusing to pay for it. They need help or they will die. They’re taking commissions but also accepting donations. Please help if you’re able. #mastoMonday #transcrowdfund

MastoMonday introduction post part 1

it's #mastomonday, should i boost my introduction again

#mastomonday introduction time!

i'm a psychedelic fennec named Psykhe :)

i'm an empath, anarchocommunist, psychonaut spiritual holistic healer (a mouthful, i know) who studies practical kabbalah and currently in nursing school! end goal is to become a nurse practitioner & to combine medicine and mysticism to help and heal others.

when i'm not online, being a friend, or doing drugs, i enjoy drawing, music, my animals! (dog, cat & 3 rats!!), and travelling/going on whimsical adventures :)


It’s #MastoMonday, please take a look at the many wonderful people on the fediverse

Hello #mastomonday readers! I'm Flipp and this is my new #introduction

Welcome to the skunk zone! In the skunk zone there are many posts of varying shades and varieties by a gay enby pan poly furry weirdo who's definitely been there. Discussion of cool vinyl, odd music, tabletop rpgs, video games, Star Trek, classic TV, kinky gay lewdness (cw'd), rabbit stewardship (have 4), and general fandom things will occur. I'm a musician so I'll post about that when appropriate. Thank you for visiting!

sure we can do another #introduction post for #mastomonday

I'm Keeble! I've been on Masto since Aug 2018 and became a furry thanks to the fediverse in Oct 2019.

Pansexual! Polyam! Genderless (they/them)! mid-20s! Online Bird! I also post a lot about music.

Also listen to my podcast Commune College, which i do with @hyperlink and @Proxy . its a lot of fun, and you'll develop a parasocial with us while also learning stuff

#introduction #mastomonday

I'm Sorrel the cyberyeen! Cyberpunk spotted hyena with metal jaws and a toothy grin.

I'm transfeminine and nonbinary (she/her or they/them), a person of color, ace, panromantic.

I love metal and I play bass guitar and drums! I also write short stories, sometimes.

MastoMonday, new snouts arrivals

its a day early but i could just reblog my #mastomonday introduction i guess

Happy #MastoMonday! Here's a thread with a bunch of sketches I did this weekend. Maybe I'll make these into shirts or stickers someday...

Attending #ANE2020? Want to meet some of your favorite fedi friends?

Join us in Panel Room 3 on Saturday at 10a for the official FURRY FEDI MEET & GREET! Also check out this sick poster I designed for it :3 #mastomonday

Saw #mastomonday floating around so figured I could (re)introduce myself!

I’m Zaf. I grew up in a not cool area of NYC.
I like to draw, mostly animals of some kind. Some other hobbies are gaming and reading, though mostly kiddy stuff.
My interests include science (bio especially) and linguistics. So I also like learning languages as a hobby.
I’m also pretty interested in computers. I’m not too knowledgeable besides the basics but I’m working on learning how to code more than 90’s level HTML.