is a qute dog

hope you're feeling well on this wonderful #mastomonday

Happy #mastomonday !!!
I forgot to post the casual version of the Wild Wings blaseball roster I did so uh

cursed acnh

It's not #MastoMonday, but I'm writing more about #kobolds anyway. I decided, based on the art in that I want head spikes to be pretty common. That artwork it too cute and the dialog already fits my kobold ideas perfectly.

I feel like the top head spikes that look kinda like ears (but surely aren't) need a name. They look kinda squeezable. And are probably tertiary erogenous zones, tbh. (But what _isn't_ an erogenous zone for my kobolds, you know?) #koboldposting

Happy #mastomonday!! Do you like stickers? Do you like Linux? Do you like.... foxes?

Please answer my form!! I'm giving away these lovely stickers designed by some of the lovely folks here on fedi. Links to the original posts with the art, the artists' respective accounts, etc. in the form description!

Happy #MastoMonday!

What can you (ESPECIALLY you white ppl) do today to help build an antiracist future? Can you protest? Donate to a bail fund? Educate yourself or share resources? Every bit helps!

Places to donate:
Bail funds
Reclaim the Block
Black Visions Collective

Books to read:
How To Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

White Fragility by Robin Diangelo

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin

Protest resources:

Happy #MastoMonday! It's time for a new Commune College -- this week I give @fakemaxkeeble and @hyperlink a rundown on the history of brunch and the intersections of class and access!