is a qute dog

Happy #MastoMonday! Here's a thread with a bunch of sketches I did this weekend. Maybe I'll make these into shirts or stickers someday...

Attending #ANE2020? Want to meet some of your favorite fedi friends?

Join us in Panel Room 3 on Saturday at 10a for the official FURRY FEDI MEET & GREET! Also check out this sick poster I designed for it :3 #mastomonday

Saw #mastomonday floating around so figured I could (re)introduce myself!

I’m Zaf. I grew up in a not cool area of NYC.
I like to draw, mostly animals of some kind. Some other hobbies are gaming and reading, though mostly kiddy stuff.
My interests include science (bio especially) and linguistics. So I also like learning languages as a hobby.
I’m also pretty interested in computers. I’m not too knowledgeable besides the basics but I’m working on learning how to code more than 90’s level HTML.

As part of #mastomonday I will once again ask:

would anyone know of a minor friendly furry instance?

naked girl dick drawings, introduction, #mastomonday


hi i'm noctis
i'm here and there, i'm nb, use they/them, my pinned posts has fursona stuff and selfies of me

i love digimon, pokemon, final fantasy, and have no idea what the phrase "circadian rhythm" means

it's a #MastoMonday Mascot Monday! our snouts mascot this week is a lovable friend by @GlitterDisaster named Hudson!

#MastoMonday I recently released a little bee themed base builder/management sim called Hive Time 🐝

On the surface, it's about cute bees living in a zany world. At a slightly deeper level, it's about the delicate and deliberate effort needed to manage/maintain population diversity in a generational community.

If you check it out, I hope you find it interesting ❤️

Hi, I'm a cute genderfluid hacker doggo who programs things and snuggles people

Well, it'd be weird not to do a #mastomonday post, since this place has been part of and inspired just an incredible amount of creative work from me over the past year and change. The Fediverse has been part of what's probably the most creative time in my life so far. Since August 2018, I've made:

- Fluency, a programming language (
- msync, a Mastodon client for unreliable and slow network connections ( I'm using it to make this post!
- A lot of writing, both erotic and not, mostly published at, including:
- Kicking off queer villain pride and cape kink ( and
- Creating the Office of Consensus Maintenance, an original secret government organization a la Men In Black/Gravity Falls/Look Around You/etc. (
- The ongoing worldbuilding around a certain living piece of information named Grace
- A whole bunch of real good smut, especially if you're into hypnosis and transformation and stuff.
- Just so many good, good friends <3

Hey I'm an enby person who writes silly video game things for the internet, read and share my things


#mastomonday hi, i'm a gay catgirl witch who loves retro tech and video games, but not really doing anything so have some tips instead:

+ use content warnings for sensitive topics, and be descriptive enough with them so people know what's inside
+ describe your images
+ at least add an avatar and some info to your bio, age and pronouns are good
+ respect people's boundaries
+ don't boost all of your posts at once


even if you've been on Masto for a while now, I strongly recommend checking out #mastomonday because people are doing incredible stuff

my project for Masto monday is updating/ fixing up the awoospace server and getting ready for a transfer to a new one

also I posted this I guess

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#mastomonday did you know you can just make multiple posts with the same hashtag? And that you can also repost your Furby shit without anyone having asked

Be gay adopt a Furby god dammit