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If you lost a small box full of #NintendoSwitch games at 22nd Street Station, please contact me with the titles and a few other details and I’ll get your games back to you.

My DMs are open.

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Did you hear the news? 📰

Our friends @rawrlabgames announced their FREE* #GodotEngine port for #NintendoSwitch!

Details here:

What a win for the community 🪙 Are we going to see an increase in Switch games made with Godot soon?

@eevee The #NintendoSwitch has better looking dollar-games than the #PlayStation. Everytime I ever looked at the PS4 store, it was either $70 triple-A games, or “Bible Parable Bowling” from some hobbyist dad somewhere. Literally nothing in between.

This fight's so tough that some people get stuck and give up, deciding to start the game over instead...
Gotta plan carefully and use magic items to get an edge -- or... well, never mind. #NintendoSwitch

Can't believe they fixed one of the game's most infamous typos... #NintendoSwitch

Pokemon is so unflinchingly positive that even a Critical Fail Magikarp is judged as "OK stats" #PokemonScarletViolet #NintendoSwitch

Hey, Mastodon, are there any new RPGs/Strategy/Adventure video games that are good for tweens? I’m looking for Nintendo Switch games, in particular. My child has really loved games like Undertale and Pokemon: Arceus. (I already know about the newest Pokemon game.)

#NintendoSwitch #VideoGames #RPG #SwitchGames #tweens #pokemon

I feel like 90% of the game review websites out there are focused on games that adult gamers would like. This makes it difficult to find new stuff for kids.

#NintendoSwitch #gaming #VideoGames #sff

Adding to the video game request—in particular, are there any murder mystery/mystery/mild horror Nintendo Switch games that are good for tweens? When I Google, I find things like Danganronpa, which is too old for my kid right now.

#games #gaming #VideoGames #NintendoSwitch #SwitchGames #tweens

salmon run tip/request
please try to hit drizzlers with their missle and/or notice when your teammate has the shot lined up. it makes them so much easier to deal with, especially at higher job ranks #Splatoon3 #NintendoSwitch