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If you want to use Monologuing on your own instances, I've split it out of my own branch and made a fork of 1.1.2 with the feature added. You can find it here: github.com/STJrInuyasha/mastod


monologue (n): a lengthy, uninterrupted speech by a single character

Monologue mode removes the character limit for your post and allows you to fill your post up with as much content as you please. Timelines will see the first paragraph of your post (up to a maximum of 400 characters), followed by a link to the detailed post page, which contains all the content you posted. In addition, a tweet made in monologue mode can also use Markdown formatting to emphasize certain text, create lists, separate content, or anything else you'd normally use Markdown for.

Monologue mode was inspired by sites like TwitLonger, and a desire to create a more 'internal' version of such for Mastodon.


Turn on Monologue mode by clicking its icon, currently the bullhorn located to the right of the 'content warning' icon. When you do this, the character counter will turn into an infinity symbol.

From there, just type out your status as you normally would, including whatever Markdown formatting you like; and when you submit your post the server will save all of your content while only serving up the first paragraph to timelines.


  • If you need a primer on Markdown, look here.

  • Because of hashtags, you must put a space between the hash characters for headers and the actual header text.

  • The character counter was moved below the TOOT! button due to lack of space (as the button would get pushed off the column if the post contained any media, due to the addition of the NSFW button)


  • What I haven't tested:

    • Interaction with private posts. I expect it to work about as well as media does on private posts, which is to say it works fine unless you're on a different instance.
    • Mentions outside of the first paragraph. I don't know if notifications will be sent/received properly for these.
  • Markdown formatting in the first paragraph will be shown raw in the timeline version of the post.

  • The API has no access to the full status text. This is by design, since the only way to access the full content should be by visiting the post's detailed status page, but this may be something to consider changing in the future.

Please send bug reports, props, or whatever to @KS

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Updated the Monologuing branch to be even with tag 1.2.2

If people care about it I can submit a PR for it...

The monologuing branch is up to date now with 1.4.1. Since I needed to redo a lot of stuff due to the switch to webpack, the old branch for 1.3.3 is still available too.

Branch 'monologuing' is now up to date with 1.4.3, as well.

Backup versions also exist for 1.4.1 (backup-monologuing-1.4.1) and 1.3.3 (backup-monologuing-1.3.3).

I should probably mention that the monologuing branch has moved to "feature/monologuing" for organization purposes.


Also, it's up to date with 1.5.0, woo