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You do not need to ask me before hugging, cuddling, or showing affection in any other way. I'm an extremely affectionate person by nature and I'm always receptive to it, even if I don't know you very well.

Just don't be surprised if you get hugged or cuddled right back, though!

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I feel comfortable enough with my portfolio now, so I'm sticking it up as a permanent pin on my profile.

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As a reminder, both the Touhou Wiki and Doom Wiki moved off of Wikia a long time ago and Wikia stepped in to revive the Wikias with new admins and added aggressive SEO to them to combat them trying to leave

Don't support Wikia

you've probably heard about numerous times that admins on wikia sites have been driven to try to migrate their wikis offsite, and how hard wikia's admins work to undermine said admins after they move

but even in this new thread someone talks about having to abandon their position as the sole admin of a site just because they have a disability that makes the default wikia skin (i.e. the only other option) virtually impossible to actually use. wikia doesn't fucking get it

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Sylveons are really really good <3

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well, I finally figured out why my desktop keyboard started acting up; the mechanical switches aren't cherrys, they're chinese knockoffs that have started corroding (not gold-plated)

that keyboard was around $100 too

So I can't watch streams while I'm at work...

Hey @mallaidh how is Wickens doing?

I drew these two yesterday for @KS whose birthday is today. At least where they are, because it's been Sunday for 10 minutes here.

computerfairi.es/media/Wk_AL9F computerfairi.es/media/86HIVlc

I've grown to dislike working Saturday because I miss all the races that take place then *cough*Indy GP*cough*

Hi it's my birthday <3

Yes I still have to work today, though

hi i'm awake, but very tired still

Hi it's my birthday <3

Yes I still have to work today, though

My birthday is tomorrow (the 19th), but ... I'm working that day. oof.


guess who has black hair now~~

🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤

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