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I have a backup account at @KS now, in case something happens to my little home here.

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You do not need to ask me before hugging, cuddling, or showing affection in any other way. I'm an extremely affectionate person by nature and I'm always receptive to it, even if I don't know you very well.

Just don't be surprised if you get hugged or cuddled right back, though!

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I feel comfortable enough with my portfolio now, so I'm sticking it up as a permanent pin on my profile.

there is absolutely no reason to forbid spaces in passwords

random software dev musing

For reference, this is what the original release of PdP SNES does: is.a.qute.dog/media/sNSDdGKEs1

Notice how the chain garbage block is broken up into multiple pieces?

This is not how PdP normally drops garbage... this appears to be a previously unreleased revision of the game.

ACNH, turnips
ACNH, turnips
bi flag discourse, thoughts
bi flag discourse, thoughts

When you drop 100k bells on a pc and it does this #AnimalCrossing

uspol, nvpol, covid-19

IAQD turns 3 today. My little home on the fediverse has been around for three whole years.

I've seen many instances come and go in all this time. I think I'm one of the oldest single-user instances that's still around. (Though someone's free to correct me on this point.)

It's like I'm barking into the void.

ACNH, spoilers