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For the record, if your instance proudly throws around "we've been on a fediblock list" like a badge of honor I'm just going to nuke all connections with you on sight

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oh, uh, I have a patreon now


any help to get through this pandemic is appreciated >w<

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I have a backup account at @KS now, in case something happens to my little home here.

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You do not need to ask me before hugging, cuddling, or showing affection in any other way. I'm an extremely affectionate person by nature and I'm always receptive to it, even if I don't know you very well.

Just don't be surprised if you get hugged or cuddled right back, though!

(alt: A title card for Lost Labyrinth Zone, Act 1, from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, being played on a Steam Deck)

About time I broke in the steam deck properly

(Getting this game to work is a little chore, since Sega themselves seem to prefer to forget it exists)

snuggling up with @KitRedgrave and the old emacs "yes mxtress" post came up in casual conversation

we're all hacker dorks here ~w~

git bisect: <big change that you were happy to be finished with a couple days ago> is the first bad commit

I like doing self-lore threads, I should do them more often than "whenever somebody says a thing that reminds my brain of things I'd thought of before"

hacker doggy self-lore

There is a cute mintfox laying against me right now ~w~

meta sarcasm

Heading back here, will probably turn my sleeping town into a "wordle and related things" (e.g. Mahjong Handle) quarantine

Living situation, request for help
Living situation, request for help
Living situation, Request for help
re: wordle-likes

For the record: I'm definitely going to be using my "backup" account at @KS more, until I either move to it full time or figure out otherwise what I'm going to do with this instance.

You may want to shoot it a follow.

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