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Pinned: If you wish to support me for whatever reason, whether it's related to hosting / maintaining a couple certain Mastodon instances, the work I've done with Mastodon, my personal projects, or whatever reason you feel like, you can do so here:

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You do not need to ask me before hugging, cuddling, or showing affection in any other way. I'm an extremely affectionate person by nature and I'm always receptive to it, even if I don't know you very well.

Just don't be surprised if you get hugged or cuddled right back, though!

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I feel comfortable enough with my portfolio now, so I'm sticking it up as a permanent pin on my profile.

hey, if you join Mastodon and decide you don't want to be on the biggest instance (mastodon.social) and you care about permanence in your content and friend group, please pick one run by someone who's in it for the long haul

treat it like a landlord. pick a friend/space that isn't going to get bored of running/moderating it in a couple weeks

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But of course something else came along with it...

(Pictured: a TSA notice of baggage inspection) is.a.qute.dog/media/6TwD4ExPaH

I finally got my baggage.

Finally that stressful nightmare is over.

So to sum up tonight:
* SSSS'd (TSA full service) to start off the trip
* 5 hour flight from Charlotte to Vegas diverted to Phoenix
* Sitting in a plane not going anywhere for 2 hours
* Finally get back to Vegas at 1 am, and my luggage is missing

Tonight sucks.

"thank you"

tired: "you're welcome"

wired: "Heavy Machine Gun"

welp, @KS 's flight in has been diverted due to the goofy weather here.

This sweetie is pretty old now but she's still got her snuggly affectionate side to her

She also wouldn't face the camera so this is the best shot I got is.a.qute.dog/media/KXDO6Jdnfk

Anyway good morning, time zones are a fuck

The most frustrating feeling right now: wanting so badly to work on a project but the moment I open up sublime text I freeze up and don't accomplish anything

Hi I am very exhausted and still have a couple hours to go,, send hugs and energy

Here's your obligatory "tooting from in-flight wifi" toot


@kosinus Is @king@castling.club lacking webfinger or something? I can't seem to get my instance to recognize its existence.

@insom I feel the need to point out that your instance's stylesheets are ... a little messed up from the outside looking in.

tiny.tilde.website/@insom/1004, for example.