I do love filing PRs for things I'm only 75% sure I know what's going on.

I made a promise to myself through to try to be a bit bolder in that stuff. I've let bugs go in other projects for months purely because impostor syndrome stopped vee from tossing a PR.

@trysdyn It's okay I'm only 75% sure what's going on with Episode 5 yet lol

@KS Haha yeah; I'm deep in the uncharted waters there I know~

I'm actually just excluding the APradar'd drops and running purely on five checks per shop, which is great for vee. I've completed a few ep1-4 seeds that way now. It's real fun.

Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

@trysdyn Hah, I didn't even consider that, but excluding everything in-level and just relying on the shop would in fact work, there's more than enough levels (and therefore shops) to fit the entire item pool

Episode 5's just going to be a weird one, CANYONRUN corresponds to unused and partially finished level data, and the only reason "finish what is essentially a 40% complete level" is even in consideration is because of how tiny Episode 5 is in the first place

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@KS Yeah. I certainly didn't recall it existing from when I played Tyrian last, hehe. If I recall correctly Ep5 is almost literally fever dream bonus content anyway.

The only reason I even noticed the ap_id discontinuity is my first test seed of doing all 5 eps with shop-only softlocked because STATION's shop didn't unlock. My tenuous grasp on how scoutedShopLocations works leads vee to believe that's the cause.

But what's there so far is real good and it's gotten vee doing multiworlds again so rawr~