Oh, I uh, I have like 1,030 followers now and I realised I haven't done one of these in a while.

I'm Elizabeth Myers, aka Elizafox, a recovering IRC daemon developer and all-around annoyance. I'm passionate about socialism but I'm not very passionate about anarchy (which makes me an OStatus unicorn or something, or maybe dodo hunted to extinction). I dabble in tech stuff and programming sometimes. I have a lot of weird interests and I tend to ramble.


@Elizafox Oh I didn't know about the IRCd part, was it something home grown or did you work on one of the larger projects like Unreal?

Kaito Sinclaire♂️ @KS

@Elizafox ah, interesting. I knew that sounded familiar to me, took me a bit to remember that Espernet uses it.

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