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Check the date on that last RT. That's a _year and a half ago_.

The black striped trans flag is older than you think and has connotations that you're not thinking of, so maybe _don't_ shit on nonbinary people for bringing them up to you, thanks.

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@KS i'm sure we've missed something in the game of telephone that is fedi flamewars, but the one person we saw bring up the history of someone co-opting the :ms_black_trans_flag:​ to erase nonbinary folks was having a conversation and wasn't being shit on. other folks haven't brought up that context but have admitted it was just a knee-jerk reaction to seeing the stripe changed.

and like, a Black nonbinary person made the post 3 days ago that folks took issue with and specifically included nonbinary folks in that post. they credited the 2015 creator of the flag, who did it for the Black trans community.

it's definitely valid to have a gut feeling of being erased by the change but the second thought probably shouldn't be lashing out without figuring out what's going on.

@starfall yeah there's private posts involved here that I can't really blame you for not having context for

suffice it to say the OP was brought about due to continued posts of that nature from someone I've now blocked

I'm looking up the flag, and I've found examples of it representing black trans people from august 2016, which is not too long after the start of mastodon (Mar 2016)

although perhaps it was a case of convergent evolution, since in the examples I found mentions about the overwriting of the enby stripe were made?

@marlyn convergent evolution sounds about right, given the first context I ever saw it in was the nb-phobic one