Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

Long-form: Visual character description (just saving this somewhere so it doesn't get lost)

Katie Sinclaire: i mean technically you could say I'm 'inuyasha but replace the half-demon mythos with a heavy heaping of futuristic tech'

  • similar build, except height of 5' 10"
    • note: Katie is 5' 8½"
  • straight, jet black hair to about waist height
  • husky-like (pointy) black ears with whitish inner fur
  • deep blue eye color
  • rimless rectangular glasses (corners almost look sharp, only barely rounded)
    • swivel and click into place either over their eyes (on) or over their forehead (off)
    • permanently affixed, though the mount point is usually hidden by hair (about where ears would be for a human)
    • may or may not have green text in lenses when on (over their eyes)
    • frame from the edge of the lens to the mount point is black, with no hinges, meant to blend in with hair
    • bridge is light metal and also meant to not stick out too much
  • typically wearing t-shirts of various colors/styles and loose, black pants
    • preference (but not a requirement) for darker colored shirts
    • shirts never tucked in because fuck that nonsense, doggy is maximum casual
    • shoes are all-black sneakers; not typically worn unless outdoors/etc.
    • socks optional, usually completely hidden between shoes and pants if the former is worn, can be literally any type of long sock you can think of—bonus for programming socks
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