Discord fucking sucks. Is it too much to ask to have a functional client on Linux? It crashes repeatedly when joining a call. Deleted my Discord account out of disgust.

That was the shortest experiment ever.

P.S. "works for me" is basically the online equivalent of giving someone the finger so... idc.

Telegram got this right. Telegram! Fucks sake.

And no "use the web client" isn't an option as I have too much bg noise here and I need ptt, which btw, doesn't work properly in the web client unless it has focus.

I'm not sure what I expected from a service that billed itself as "chat for gamers" until they had to add an air of respectability to it. "A functional client for Linux that doesn't cause you to join and drop out of a call repeatedly" is probably not even on the list.

Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

@Elizafox I think the fact that Linux users *still* can't stream with audio years later makes it obvious they don't care even the slightest

Hell I remember one of the updates completely broke the debian package they force you to download on update, just making the entire thing unusable for a bit

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@KS @Elizafox
I legit have no idea what would be causing you guys to have these issues. I have used the deb and the snap on Ubuntu and Drauger OS and it works just fine.

That being said, audio QUALITY is trash on literally any OS so I tend to use Mumble instead. But I have used VC and calls on Linux and they work fine for me.

Are y'all not using pulse? I know that can cause issues.