having thoughts about a Void Geyser-based fast travel system

some kind of void-resistant suit with an integrated navigation system

when wearing it, you can dive into a Void geyser by sneaking for a couple seconds when standing close enough to one

internally this teleports you under the world, makes you invisible, and disables gravity

you get shown a map of the world and a Suit Integrity bar shows up; you can click on any visible waypoints on the map to automatically navigate to them, and it will highlight how much Suit Integrity it will cost

you can only fast travel to geysers you've previously been to, and by default only the geyser you entered is highlighted

however, you can also use WASD to manually navigate the map, and if you get close enough to a geyser, it will show up

if you run out of Suit Integrity, that's it, you die in the void and lose everything

the map won't let you attempt to fast travel to a geyser you don't have enough Integrity to reach

you only risk this if you manually navigate far away and can't make it back to your entry

Suit Integrity is sort of a fold-in of fuel, oxygen, and hull integrity

currently undecided what to call this armor or how it will behave on land

best ideas right now are "Yttrium Fortress Armor" as a riff on Thamium Fortress Armor, and giving the player a GIGANTIC movement speed debuff

this is an ultra-heavy suit of armor designed to be used under Void, and it has propellers

if you try and walk with it on land you're gonna have a bad time

after diving, your screen will go solid black, and the armor's HUD will flicker to life

the first thing you'll see is the Integrity bar, slowly depleting, followed by the map

your mouse will be unlocked so you can click a destination, or you can use WASD to move manually

while under the Void, the sound engine will be entirely disabled

here's the suit font

the color of the HUD will depend on what lamp you craft the helmet with

(it won't actually deplete that fast, just testing)

this is how far away you are from your entry geyser, if you're doing manual movement

if your map is blank this may be your only guide when looking for a geyser the wrong way

I think the proof-of-concept phase is over

time to unplug my debug code and start hooking up the mechanic

really annoying how you can ignore speed penalties by jumping

oh my god the check for the jump_boost status effect is hardcoded in jump()

okay, I've wired up the intended way to begin a dive, but the gui is still just my test one from earlier

maybe I should use this as an opportunity for explanatory text

"sneak to dive"

decided to adjust some of the letter shapes to be more readable and less disparate

if it's not obvious I'm going for a vector display vibe, but it's effectively as seen through a pixelation filter to keep with minecraft's art style

distance and integrity are also now completely hooked up

when that bar runs out, I die

this is 20m/t (400m/s), faster than the fastest method of "normal" travel in vanilla, which is "Dolphin's Grace status effect with Depth Strider III and Soul Speed III on a layer of Soul Soil underwater, aligned at a +/-45 or +/-135 degree angle, depending on travel direction, and holding forward, left/right (left if -135 or 45, right if 135 or -45), and the sprint key" at ~150m/s

here's what the screen looks like with all effects disabled, by the way

i am exceedingly happy with how this has turned out

it now shows you how many of your resources it'll take to do a navigation when you hover

Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

@unascribed unsure if the shaded part is "how much will be used" or "how much will be left" but i guess that would become clear after one use

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