magic the gathering rules fact: expansion symbols have no rules meaning

there used to be expansion hosers, cards that would punish you for running cards from a specific set. this made, for example, a specific Mountain strictly worse than any others

i believe they've been errataed to now function on cards that were first printed in that set, instead

@monorail What's the functional distinction between "from a set" and "first printed in a set"?

@BatElite there are cards called Mountain from the Homelands expansion, but Mountain was originally printed in a set other than Homelands

@BatElite so to clarify, a Homelands hoser used punish you for running a Homelands Mountain, but now it doesn't because Mountain wasn't originally printed in Homelands

Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

@monorail @BatElite the other side to this is that if someone plays a [[City in a Bottle]], your 9th ed. [[Dancing Scimitar]] would get sacrificed now, even though it wouldn't before

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