I understand opposition to cars within cities. They don't belong there without a good reason. But I really don't understand opposition to cars in rural areas if they're electric. There is *no other way* to get around. None. Zero. America is fucking *enormous.* These distances aren't "hard" to walk, they are *NOT POSSIBLE.*

Anyway saying "abolish all cars" is ableist/forced urbanisation nonsense from people who don't understand some people have different needs for transport. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

"oh Americans are all fat and lazy they get upset if they gotta walk 3 km"

... do you know how far away it is to the next major city for me? Also the state capitol?


Yeah. Let me spend the next 3 days walking buddy. Or take the nonexistent bus or train.

"but Elly how can abolishing cars be ableist? Even people in wheelchairs can take public transit"

Here's a real big shocker for you, let me blow your mind:

Some people have very different mobility needs that cannot be accommodated by public transit. They may have additional needs as well, such as the need for medical supervision, or often they have to be in certain positions.

Some people also have social anxiety and the train/bus can cause severe discomfort and distress.

And how do you propose we transport people to the hospital? Or people between hospitals? Teleportation doesn't exist yet, and if it did this would all be a moot point, now wouldn't it?

What do you think an ambulance is, a rickshaw? It's a type of car.

To drive the point home further:

As a *means of protest for low wages,* teachers here walked from Tulsa to the state capitol in Oklahoma City (said distance of 170km) and it took them *a week.*

It was a powerful form of protest and got people's attention.

Did I mention that 170km is actually fairly close together for two major metro areas by central USA standards?


Cycle 170km? Yeah, maybe if I'm a fucking athlete I'd do it.

And yeah... the climate in the central US is *lethal* to cyclists in the summer in many places. I do not mean "uncomfortable" I mean "this heat will kill you even if you are in great condition."

And the winter isn't much better.

Oh, yeah, people *do* cycle between major cities here like that. For sport. Not even the most impoverished do that. They drive or find a ride to get there.

Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

@Elizafox las vegas is a perfect example of this

there is literally nobody walking the streets or cycling six months out of the year, when the average temperature is in the hundreds and regularly it gets above 110

even standing outside waiting for a bus can be problematic

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@KS Oh yeah. And urban heat islands make it worse even in places not Vegas.

Also... the humidity in most of America...

It is terrible.

@Elizafox @KS oh

i didn't realise that was *most* of America