Huh. Found a channel which seemed pretty promising, had a video about accessibility in fighting games, and I thought "okay, well this has to mention Fantasy Strike right"

Sure enough, it does... to say that the game isn't doing very well because it has a low skill floor and thus also a low skill ceiling

Which, uh, what?

Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

@socks ... Pardon? Like, seriously, how on earth does somebody think that skill floors and ceilings are tied together like that

Smash, for example, has a skill floor so low it's easy enough for just about anyone to pick up and yet I doubt I could find anyone to tell me the skill ceiling is also low as a result, if anything it's the opposite

I mean I can think of reasons Fantasy Strike isn't doing so hot but none of them are directly related to the gameplay at all, which looks superb

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@KS Yeah, FS has many problems (a lot, but not all, of which come from being a self-published game and thus just not having a big budget)

But in terms of gameplay accessibility it's SO far ahead from other fighting games that it honestly feels insulting to dismiss it like this