Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

@admin @Mewt It's the natural result of the person doing all the tech stuff and the person doing hosting having a rather large falling-out.

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@KS wasn't resize club left alone before the falling-out happened? i remember seeing posts asking for help maintaining it but i don't think anyone applied. i think (but might be wrong, it's been a while) specifically the larger posts feature (something i used there a few times) was difficult to upgrade to mastodon 3.x

unrelated but damn, mastodon is v4 now, time flies

@HazakuraEtsu Mastodon's increasingly fork-hostile nature is what started it, but the falling-out (which started some time before things started coming out into the open) was what put the final nail into the coffin

Because originally the plan was to just get rid of all changes and go to either mainline or Glitch (with long form posts backed up for anyone that wished to access them), however that plan never came to fruition either