more games should let you select between a "playstation" (❎🅾️🔳⚠️), "xbox" (ABXY) and "nintendo" (BAYX) labels for your gamepads!

also more games should let you toggle between "ps/xbox" (bottom button confirms, right button cancels) and "nintendo" (other way around) menu controls!

@rnd confirm/cancel would need more clear naming though, because japanese playstation games typically use O to confirm and X to cancel

@KS i remember a news article where sony announced they were globally switching to the western/xbox scheme in the ps5

Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS

@rnd hmhm, so it has

still though, undoing 20 years of history isn't that easy

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@KS yep, especially when some pretty famous games (like metal gear solid 1) use the "O to confirm" layout even in the western releases)