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note to self (#Minecraft): If you hit escape while you're getting the End Portal message thing, it just sends you back into the overworld.

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My heart turned out a little um.


(image to right (pink) is from Emojipedia and is Apple's wedding emoji according to said Emojipedia)

Today me and played with bees in #Minecraft, and Jay did a lot of breeding them so we can take them to other places in the map, and it was the cutest thing to ever bee.

The first pic is called "Exit Pursued by a Bees", and the second is called "Bee Are Family".

This plugin is great! :) 🌻🌺🌼🌹🌳🌿🍄


I just published a new version of my #minecraft spigot plugin, Floristics!

It gradually regrows plants according to biome, so that over time cleared areas will look indistinguishable from the way the world generates. 🤓


@KitRedgrave I originally learned from PSJ's "Cozy Cottage" tutorial, which I think was 7x7.
Huh, 2011?

Found the wayback of the forum post, it was 6x8 but fills out a chunk with garden:

Lately me and have been playing on a 100% ocean biome #Minecraft world. It is SO HARD but so fun!

Jay just put the files for it online, and I’ve just blogged about it (instructions included):

Durin's Builders – The Dwarven Build Team
A #Minecraft build team focused on building the strongholds and mansions of #dwarves from all over the land of #MiddleEarth.
"Founded in 2014, we began with construction of Kheled-Dûm, the mountain fortress of the Stiffbeard dwarves.
From there, we decided to build all of the major kingdoms of Tolkien’s dwarves. We’re now working on several halls, including the most famous of them all – #Moria."

And again there is a new #Minecraft #snapshot out for #JavaEdition.
What do you think and what does the #fox say?

So grab it, try it and find quite some cool #features not mentioned in the #Changelog.

Your #Minecraft thing of the day: a neural net that recognizes handwritten numbers.

Are there any tools to sync Forge mods from a server to connected clients that lack them ? For example if a server had a backpacks mod or something but a connected client doesn't have it, how can I ensure they can use those features ? #Minecraft #MinecraftModding

come to #furrycornermc #minecraft (survival, furry, queer, modpack)

we need more people to build this city with

@Kat @stolas Have you seen that tutorial?

I also VERY HIGHLY recommend which REALLY explains how #Minecraft works internally.

It is a longer path to learn but a way better now.

Also the community around is fantastic but I'd recommend reaching out to them with more than just basic questions.