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The Character "Kaito Sinclaire"

The Person Behind The Character

The Instance "is.a.qute.dog"

The Character "Kaito Sinclaire"

A primer

Kaito Sinclaire is a technomancer, or more affectionally, a "hacker doggo". Their glasses reprogram things, and those things don't necessarily have to be computers.

Katie Sinclaire is an alternate name for the same character, usually used when they're taking a more feminine form.

Detailed info

Kaito's technomancy powers essentially give them a quasi-shapeshifting ability (by hacking themself, natch). As such, visual details will refer to the form they most commonly take; in other words, their "default" form.

Kaito gets the affectionate name "hacker doggo" because they're an Inumimi—a human with dog-like features, in their case large, black, husky-like ears completely replacing their normal human ears. Said dog ears are very emotive; looking at them is a good way to tell Kaito's current mood and interest in something.

Kaito has long, flowing, jet-black hair. It's usually allowed to flow freely, although they've been known to put it in a ponytail or even twintails from time to time.

Kaito's glasses are custom-designed by them, and are the usual representation of their technomancy powers. They swivel up out of their eyesight for "off" and down over their eyes for "on", audibly clicking into position for both when moved. Their lenses act as screens, displaying information on demand, typically about their surroundings. And by the way, they are permanently affixed—don't even try taking the glasses off of Kaito, it won't work.

Yes, Kaito can turn their technomancy powers on and hack other people too, but there's a caveat. Kaito needs line-of-sight to first hack something or someone; the amount of data they'd have to parse if they didn't require this would be overwhelming. And aside from that, Kaito basically only does it on request from friends—they're fully aware of the whole "with great power comes great responsibility" thing.

Visual design specifics

See this post for a textual reference.

#089316 is a character color, usually used for backgrounds or the like.

The Person Behind The Character


I'm a geeky dork, unsurprisingly. I'm a hobbyist programmer and game designer, and I spend my free time either playing games or programming a variety of projects. I'm also genderfluid and don't place any importance on pronouns; use whatever you feel like. (I'm not even consistent about what pronouns I refer to myself with, so I don't expect anyone else to be, either.)


Visit the root page of my site for a list of places I'm around, my portfolio, etc.


I set up a mastodon server for myself because I didn't feel comfortable with a lot of the more popular instances out there, and wanted to be more unique. At the same time, I had already planned to run a webserver for myself to make up for the loss of Dropbox for random file storage and sharing, when they finally removed support for Public folders. I think in the end it turned out to be a pretty good idea...

The Instance "is.a.qute.dog"


This instance's media is powered by Jortage - lightning-fast pay-what-you-can media storage for Fediverse instances

This instance runs on the latest tagged version a fork of version 1.6.1 of Mastodon, tailored to my specific needs and wants. No, I'm not likely to update to a later version of Mastodon due to the sheer amount of work it would require; security updates and breaking changes get cherry-picked in instead.

The media for this instance is hosted by Jortage, as running a Mastodon server—even a single-user one like mine—and hosting the media yourself has clearly proven itself to be infeasible. Una is a good and helpful deer, and I'm grateful that she offers this service to help mitigate the issues Mastodon has with storing media.


This instance federates mostly freely with any software that implements the OStatus or ActivityPub protocols. Just keep in mind that this is my home you're connecting to and I reserve the right to kick out (defederate with) anyone I please for any reason; don't go harassing LGBTQIA+ individuals and expect me to give you a platform, for instance.

This instance is a single user instance, and it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon. If you have any sort of issue with me or the way that I handle things on my instance, feel free to send me a DM.

In case this instance ever goes down or has issues with reliability, I have an alternate account at @KS@sleeping.town that I can be contacted at.