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The Character "Kaito Sinclaire"

The Person Behind The Character

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The Character "Kaito Sinclaire"

A primer

Kaito Sinclaire is an Inumimi, or affectionally called a 'dogboy'; that is, a semi-human with cute, fuzzy husky-like dog ears resting on top of his head as opposed to normal human ears. With the exception of that, he looks not unlike a typical human; standing 5'10", with lengthy—3'—jet black hair running down his back, nearly always straightened and (usually) free of tangles. Typically, his attire consists of loose-fitting clothes, T-shirts, and the like; he detests any sort of tight clothes as 'ridiculously uncomfortable.'

Kaito is, by his nature, very technologically savvy. He does programming for various systems as a hobby, and has done so for years; as a result he sometimes finds himself thinking about things programmatically or explaining things in extremely technical terms that tend to go over the heads of most. He wears a pair of narrow, rimless glasses fixated to his head (dog ears can't hold up glasses, after all), and they can swivel up and down as needed. His vision is passable without using them, but the glasses are actually the result of attempts to blend magic and technology. When they're over his eyes they provide him with additional information about whatever he's looking at… and they also enable a limited sort of shapeshifting, which he uses to change forms based on how he's feeling.

Alternate forms

The most common form Kaito takes aside from his natural one is just a female version of himself, deemed Katie Sinclaire. He does this to match the fact that he never really feels truly masculine or feminine, switching back and forth from day to day. Katie stands 5'8.5" as opposed to Kaito's 5'10", and has a more curvy build as you'd probably expect. Though her hair doesn't change from the transformation, she'll wear her hair up in twin ponytails to help differentiate herself from her normal form, if the slight height difference isn't enough.

Uncommonly, Kaito will take the form of an otherwise normal Sylveon, deemed Sylvclaire, usually when he's feeling extremely emotional or empathetic towards others. He can't 'speak' in such a form (obviously; he's a Pokémon, he 'sylvs' instead), so he communicates to others through the aura put out through his ribbons, in addition to using said aura to soothe and calm others like a normal Sylveon would.

The Person Behind The Character


I'm a geek, a programmer, a game designer, and maybe—if the conditions are just right—a pixel artist as well. I've been going under the alias Kaito Sinclaire for a couple years now, but you may know me better by my former nickname of Inuyasha, or some variation on that nickname. For the most part, though, I have wanted to distance and separate myself from the character I shared a name with in the past (despite still liking said character).

As you can probably gather by my character's design, I place no importance on pronouns whatsoever. You can choose one pronoun and stick with it, or you can change based on what character I'm using, or whatever. I don't mind either way.


Likely you know me through my work on Sonic Robo Blast 2, where I've been working on things on both the site and the game proper for nearly a decade. It's also the first place I've gone by "Inuyasha", starting the trend of me being a long-haired dogboy, and I still do so there to this day.

I'm also responsible for writing the Records Sub-site from scratch as well as maintaining it. Though I still say it's unfinished, most features work fine if a bit unpolished, and it provides a good metric for players of the game to compare themselves to others.

I've also been attempting to develop games of my own, to varying levels of success. My lack of artistic prowess (besides pixel fonts) and work getting in the way tends to hamper my work, however. Despite this, I've made decent progress on a versus-oriented clone of Columns, as well as a mostly complete 2D Sonic physics engine that I may put to use in the future. You can see all the weird trinkets I've worked on GitHub.

I also help assist administrating the IRC server BadnikZONE, along with being present on other networks such as EsperNet and QuakeNet, as well as the UCSN network.


I live in hell.


By hell, I mean Las Vegas, Nevada. In summer it sure feels like hell, trust me.


I set up a mastodon server for myself because I didn't feel comfortable with a lot of the more popular instances out there, and wanted to be more unique. At the same time, I had already planned to run a webserver for myself to make up for the loss of Dropbox for random file storage and sharing, when they finally removed support for Public folders. I think in the end it turned out to be a pretty good idea...

The Instance "is.a.qute.dog"


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This instance runs on the latest tagged version a heavily modified version 1.6.1 of Mastodon, and there are no plans to upgrade to a newer version of Mastodon at this time. There's enough changes that trying to merge with any newer version of Mastodon turns into a nightmare of conflicts.

The media for this instance is hosted by Jortage, as running a Mastodon server—even a single-user one like mine—and hosting the media yourself has clearly proven itself to be infeasible. Una is a good and helpful deer, and I'm grateful that she offers this service to help mitigate the issues Mastodon has with storing media.


This instance federates mostly freely with all other Mastodon instances as well as most other software that implements OStatus or ActivityPub. Gab, however, is specifically excluded; all Gab instances are banned on sight automatically. A few instances of my choosing that I do not wish to interact with are also silenced. Please note that I reserve the right to change this at any time, for any reason.

This instance is a single user instance, and it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon. If you have any sort of issue with me or the way that I handle things on my instance, feel free to send me a DM through Mastodon; or if you have privacy concerns, ask for my Twitter @account and contact me there.

In case this instance ever goes down or has issues with reliability, I have an alternate account at @KS@sleeping.town that I can be contacted at.