is a qute dog

This is not how PdP normally drops garbage... this appears to be a previously unreleased revision of the game.

higan is good for prototyping a snes game you're developing when you don't have a flashcart yet, right?

#snesdev #retrocomputing #snes

wait, why are buttons for rgb colors so weirdly placed? have they even looked at the #snes con--

ooooooh, i get it now. #secretofmana

turns out, you can get fired in #snes #simcity, even when not playing a scenario!

1. unlock the bank
2. loan 20k from the bank
3. remove every income-generating building
4. waste all money
5. wait until end of the year, when you have a $500 loan payment you can't get out of.

Apparently the SNES Classic Edition was on Amazon Prime Now for ~$80 so my sister just bought it for me, shoved it into my hands, and said, "Here asshole, fucking play your Zelda game you keep not playing, no excuses now." and that's how the first day of this year went for me.

I honestly thought these things were sold out? I went NES->Genesis->N64 so SNES is the only Nintendo console I haven't played and it's my greatest shame.

Now how do I #stream this thing?

#SNES #snesclassicedition