Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

About time I broke in the steam deck properly

(Getting this game to work is a little chore, since Sega themselves seem to prefer to forget it exists)

*big think noises*

(alt: A screenshot of a Link to the Past Randomizer. Ganon is saying "You have no bow. Dingus!" Momiji [Link] clearly has a bow out pointed directly at him.)

it's now time to do a flump.

(alt: a game completion screen from the A Link to the Past + Super Metroid combo randomizer, with a total time of just over 7 hours)

So I made a hack of Puzzle Fighter 2 to bring the rebalanced mode of HD Remix back to the original game: github.com/KScl/puzzle-fighter

random fun instance fact: I can inline rot-13 toots, from the days before content warnings existed

Petal Crash 5m time trial Grand Master

thigh-high programmer socks time,


I was today years old when I learned you could hit the ball back onto the tee ground in Neo Turf Masters and it'll put the ball *back onto the tee* for you

pup is making food again (cw food)

Happy new yea–
wait, what

no, oh no, please no,


aaaaa hacker doggy art,,

(twitter: ShibaMink)

I will be committing changes in the future, apparently

(Windows keeps screwing with the time and I forgot to fix it)