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Doggirl in the process of doing some selfcare~

Unreleased TrackMania(2) tracks:

I like building in very limited spaces. Nothing allowed to be built over the dirt here. That's a 9x9 square, with a 3x3 hole in the center.

say what you want about Papa Johns, they give me the best deals

(these images are three years old, by the way)

Here's 10 and 20 iterations. Things certainly don't get any better. Hell, by 20 iterations some of the graphics have just decided enough is enough and disappeared entirely!

I think I may have messed up the code for saving ever so slightly...

Oh what's the matter? You don't mind your spaceships having a lil' corruption, do you?

(shown: original, 1 iteration, then 2, then 5)

Current project pictures:

Maybe at some point in the near future this will sprawl into an editor, not just a viewer. Work is going to cut into my time, though.