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Memories from four years ago: That time where I scored almost 300 points with one word in Scrabble

(Pictured: ADEQUATe, 27 * 9 + 50 for 293)

Further screenshots: Various levels exclusive to Tyrian 2000.

So, I've spent the last few days using all the knowledge I've learned working with ArcTyr to fork OpenTyrian (again...) and finally add *proper* Tyrian 2000 support.

The source code is publicly available: github.com/KScl/opentyrian2000

No builds currently because I don't have an environment set up to build for Windows.

*programmer art intensifies* is.a.qute.dog/media/NodNJk8S45

I guess I'm back to doing Tyrian dev stuff huh

For reference, this is what the original release of PdP SNES does: is.a.qute.dog/media/sNSDdGKEs1

Notice how the chain garbage block is broken up into multiple pieces?

This is not how PdP normally drops garbage... this appears to be a previously unreleased revision of the game.


I fixed the credits in ArcTyr :) is.a.qute.dog/media/hyit_hZSu4

"I thought you didn't want your name on anything Linux related"