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hey, if you join Mastodon and decide you don't want to be on the biggest instance (mastodon.social) and you care about permanence in your content and friend group, please pick one run by someone who's in it for the long haul

treat it like a landlord. pick a friend/space that isn't going to get bored of running/moderating it in a couple weeks

@bootsy *hugs soft and close, pats your head*

@unascribed somehow I knew you'd like that comic when I showed it to you ehe <3

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@revenant submit a PR to mainline adding "wilw" to the disallowed usernames list

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But of course something else came along with it...

(Pictured: a TSA notice of baggage inspection) is.a.qute.dog/media/6TwD4ExPaH

I finally got my baggage.

Finally that stressful nightmare is over.

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So to sum up tonight:
* SSSS'd (TSA full service) to start off the trip
* 5 hour flight from Charlotte to Vegas diverted to Phoenix
* Sitting in a plane not going anywhere for 2 hours
* Finally get back to Vegas at 1 am, and my luggage is missing

Tonight sucks.