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@kit ours has treated us well, as you're no doubt aware ~w~

I can't recall a time before where something I've done in a game has so perfectly summed up the entire day in general.

(Spoilers: Celeste 7-C) is.a.qute.dog/media/4tPqSZQDYu

A randomizer story in three parts

(alt: Braille text reading "Those who inherit our will, shine in the middle." Following images: Attempting to use Flash as the text requests, only to be told "This can't be used until a new badge is obtained.")

@Kat ... big cookie,

i'd probably do the same tbh,

It looks like I'll have to add a detent of some kind, to make sure it always stops in a defined orientation, but the flip-dot d10 works!

@trysdyn No need to worry about handling events, I have dumps of every single level in text-file form already, the problem is just A: managing the times where Tyrian 2.1 and Tyrian 2000 differ, B: my obsessive need to test absolutely everything to make sure it's how I like it lol

@trysdyn Yeah, even if I do prefer playing the randomizer with drops, myself... When I saw you mention that I thought to myself "That's actually pretty clever and works well for a more easygoing experience, I may as well just support that officially", so it's likely staying in even after it's fully done

That's also why the in-level locations aren't just excluded, but filled with money: Excluding still means you can get stuff like SMZ3 Silver Arrows in there (technically not progression, but...)

It's been 26 years, (not) glad to see the Sonic Fan Gaming community is still, in many ways, quite toxic. Sigh.

@trysdyn Hah, I didn't even consider that, but excluding everything in-level and just relying on the shop would in fact work, there's more than enough levels (and therefore shops) to fit the entire item pool

Episode 5's just going to be a weird one, CANYONRUN corresponds to unused and partially finished level data, and the only reason "finish what is essentially a 40% complete level" is even in consideration is because of how tiny Episode 5 is in the first place

@trysdyn It's okay I'm only 75% sure what's going on with Episode 5 yet lol

@socks My default way of interpreting it is "prefer the first one listed, but others are fine too"

It is definitely a thing that needs communicated though

@rnd yeah, that's correct

though usually you'll have a define that resolves to ((volatile uint32_t*)0x069420) so you don't need to keep that in mind, of course

@netkitty you!!! *petpetpet, scritches behind ears!*

@netkitty ! *gives even more pets!*
Who's a good netpuppy?

My name has been officially changed


@socks Someone in our Archipelago group who plays TUNIC has a mod for it that makes the main fox character's tail huge

Like, "three times the size of their body" huge