Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

@typhlosion hey i resemble that remark sometimes,,

quite often actually,,

@riking Doing retro game dev on m68k architecture, yeah I've confirmed it does something (in this case, keeping the variable in question in A2 and never touching memory)

Every time I write the 'register' keyword in C I feel like I'm committing code crimes

@unascribed as the resident "forever staying on an old version" person, seeing website boy do what he's been doing lately both makes me feel vindicated and anxious

because it's entirely possible he just unilaterally makes some breaking change later on and expects everyone to update immediately

hence why i've been looking into migrating to gotosocial, as long as i can do it in such a way that doesn't lose me my username@instance combo

mastodon 4.0 meta

@maples welcome to mastodon 4.0, fuck instance customizations because that causes confusion, and we now require javascript for every page, nothing's static anymore :>

@socks Oh that absolutely makes sense; I'm just way too attached to my current username@address combination to give up on it, personally ~w~

@socks I've been thinking about migrating to gotosocial as well for what it's worth (although I shudder to think how much work that would be for me)

@socks The python docs are _really_ bad about this, mostly because all the types are together in the same "built in types" page in the actual manual

You probably want: docs.python.org/3/library/stdt

@socks Speaking from experience: no

(actual answer: maybe the chess-playing instance that I forget the name of, but other than that...?)

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