Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

Petal Crash 5m time trial Grand Master

i love how the text box label on vulpine.club is now "*inquisitive fox noises*"

@devurandom Given how many programs assume that those two functions never fail and would try to proceed onwards anyway, likely straight into a SIGSEGV, it probably wouldn't matter anyway

@noiob saw this and immediately looked it up

guess that confirms it

thigh-high programmer socks time,

suicide (gaming/emulation-adj)

Nintendo. Camelot.

Golf is a simple game.

You really did not have to—and should not have—loaded it up with a billion gimmicks in an attempt to make something "unique".

You *absolutely* should not have made those gimmicks required to progress through your "adventure" mode that so far has been about as linear as a hallway simulator.

@BatElite Loads of persistent flash memory

Neo Geo games can be absolutely massive, Metal Slug 3 is over 80 megabytes in size *zipped*

Also it's a niche thing so, you know

(alt: an order confirmation for a NeoSD MVS, a Neo Geo flash cart, that costs ~$430USD)

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