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@tuxdude more distracted by TrackMania which I'm pretty sure has never been on phones lol

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@Rezulux *hugs you and pats your head* good morning, mn...

@netkitty *hugs with one arm, pets with free hand* good kitty

@BatElite mmf~ *wiggles a little bit against you and nuzzles back with a smile*

N-no, I'm fine like this~

good morning I want to hug everyone

you know, uh... now that I think about it, @unascribed's idea of adding an option to make the favicon your avatar is incredibly useful... I'd like to see it in mainline, too

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Doggirl in the process of doing some selfcare~

@MightyPork i've heard of internal clocks being a few hours off but that's a new one

wake me up when it stops raining at barber zwz

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@boots is this the next Zachtronics game

@Elizafox however, the only song it ever plays is "fly me to the moon"