Katie Sinclaire♀️ @KS@is.a.qute.dog

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@Kat are you sure you didn't actually become a sylveon

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hugs on offer for anyone who needs them

@maple by far the worst theme is meguro though

brown-green and green-brown blocks are a nightmare to read

@maple the only thing completing it unlocks is endless, really

and if you can't complete one loop, I guess it's not as bad?

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1) Boobs are great
2) Boobs are “NSFW”
3) Therefore work is the problem

chrome offered to auto-translate youtube's 500 error page. it didn't say what language.

i said yes and this is what it gave me

technology is ok

I hate relying on ride-sharing services so much even though it's basically the only consistent way to get to and from work right now

Not only is it expensive, I get the occasional people that just left their phone on while wandering in a casino and I wind up late for work or not able to get home until way late

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