Kaito Sinclaire♂ @KS@is.a.qute.dog

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@typhlosion *hugs on tight*

soft warm typh fren <3

@er1n hmm... yeah, that is a bit much; this server here is $15/mo, and I use it for a couple of other things too

@er1n how much are you paying for it, out of curiosity?

Re Windows 10: "I'll complain about update feature X, and friends A, B, and C will be like 'oh yeah, it does that to me too', and friends D, E, and F will be like 'that has literally never happened to me even once'" ~@DeltaWitch

Windows 10 literally gaslights its own users.

I'm just on my lunch break at work and feeling super snuggly

So please send snuggles, hugs, and affection

@catgirl Oh, no, I still have the source... it's just I don't feel it's worth it to continue at this point. It ran on SDL1.x and was kinda messy.

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@Algot @xuv "Fort Awesome" isn't an error; that's the name of their company.

gaming memories: TrackMania


(yes, those are MY tracks from many years ago, back when I had other people to play with and thus actual drive to build and play)

It's cold in here and I wish I had somebody to snuggle up to

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