Kaito Sinclaire♂️ @KS@is.a.qute.dog

how do I gather the energy to go and see a clinic for my problems when said problems make it hard to get out of bed or think or really do anything, oof

@er1n is there anyone on the fediverse that hasn't made this joke yet

@lynn give them all snugs and hugs for me when you can <3

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@revenant more often than you think, that's just how sentence structure works out sometimes

and I don't feel forcing people to reword sentences to avoid not-obvious behavior is a good idea

(e.g. is.a.qute.dog/@KS/674432)

@revenant the issue: how do you determine the start of a conversation vs. mentioning for other reasons (e.g. )?

@revenant because it's the start of a conversation, not a reply?

spoiler: my phone runs on gay

(No seriously, the battery meter is a rainbow bar across the top)

@Kat but I lost 2% gay patting your head, so now I'm net 67% gay :<

@Kat *rubs your head with a soothing ribbon* :<

@dean I'm not home so I can't recharge my gay just yet ~w~

@boots is a good girl and I'd like to give her a hug

@dr1ft if you don't know, the you should probably start with "good" as the first commit you branched off from, and "bad" should be HEAD

(I specifically say the first commit you branched off from because it's entirely possible the issue could have been caused by a merge from upstream)

@dr1ft git shove

(by the way, in the future, try "git bisect")

Definitely in a snuggly affectionate mood right now

*rolls along your timeline*