Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

Sometimes doggy plays a video game. Sometimes doggy even plays it really, really well.

Like, "score WR" well. youtu.be/AdGRMpIyeQw

@unascribed quick and easy landscaping,

well, if you don't like land, that is,

@unascribed dare I ask what happens if you dig a one block hole and stick one in there

*points to self* That's me that's my current mood

@Kat @KitRedgrave *headpat kat*

*and mintfox too for good measure*

I think it's cool how some people can be boys AND girls

It took seven years but I finally solved a puzzle in TIS-100 in less cycles than the self-test diagnostic

gaming, anxiety ref
gaming, anxiety ref

the kind of silly vindictive where you open up ublock origin just to delete the mention of a certain homophobic chicken joint