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just tried to swipe "heh" on my phone keyboard and it got turned into "hhgregg" fucking meme lord piece of shit phone

example of why "oh, it'll happen when the stars go past the forked repo's stars" is a terrible idea:

glitch-soc/mastodon, with 143 stars, and 2457 commits that mainline doesn't have, is unsearchable.

why are "forked repositories are not searchable". like, how is it literally ANY DIFFERENT from searching a regular repository.
github you're not like, a perky startup that needs to save memory on search indexes. at the very least try to figure out how to dedupe results based on diffs

Was just retroactively changing my name in a high score leaderboard for an old DOS game by hex editing the high scores file…

That's a very "me" thing to do, isn't it

@BatElite Also good, but the Mystery Dungeon games were never my thing (and evolving is usually super late game anyway)

I will not be happy with Pokémon games until I can have a Sylveon walk around at my side with a ribbon coiled around my arm

looks like it's cutie day, all the cuties on my timeline

@zoe wow that's uh


just gonna stay far away from whatever that is

@zoe admittedly I don't have much context to go off of but

banning people for unearthing bugs seems ... unwise to put it mildly >>

@zoe *sweeps bug under the rug* 🤔 if nobody can report bugs I can pretend they don't exist

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