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@trysdyn Hah, I didn't even consider that, but excluding everything in-level and just relying on the shop would in fact work, there's more than enough levels (and therefore shops) to fit the entire item pool

Episode 5's just going to be a weird one, CANYONRUN corresponds to unused and partially finished level data, and the only reason "finish what is essentially a 40% complete level" is even in consideration is because of how tiny Episode 5 is in the first place

@trysdyn It's okay I'm only 75% sure what's going on with Episode 5 yet lol

@socks My default way of interpreting it is "prefer the first one listed, but others are fine too"

It is definitely a thing that needs communicated though

@rnd yeah, that's correct

though usually you'll have a define that resolves to ((volatile uint32_t*)0x069420) so you don't need to keep that in mind, of course

@netkitty you!!! *petpetpet, scritches behind ears!*

@netkitty ! *gives even more pets!*
Who's a good netpuppy?

My name has been officially changed


@socks Someone in our Archipelago group who plays TUNIC has a mod for it that makes the main fox character's tail huge

Like, "three times the size of their body" huge

@rnd hmhm, so it has

still though, undoing 20 years of history isn't that easy

@rnd confirm/cancel would need more clear naming though, because japanese playstation games typically use O to confirm and X to cancel

waiwaiwaiwaiwait. did you say TABS or spaces? oh my fucking god. oh my god. i’m so sorry, i have partial hearing loss
re: 💣, lategame spoilers
silly dog moments

My friends Ashley and Jill are crowdfunding for a sequel to their game Petal Crash!!


(I've been working on a Neo Geo port of the original game so this is super exciting and cool to see!!)

OpenTyrian2000 v2000.2024.02.18: github.com/KScl/opentyrian2000

Merging changes and fixes from upstream over the past three years, plus a couple additional fixes.