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Several cuties enter, none of them leave. That's because they're having a nap together.

I haven't had the energy to consistently keep the nicknames on my Masto accounts, Discord servers, etc. all synced, so it's just a giant hodgepodge of genders and names

Which is itself quite a gender mood

Good news: Nevada's doing gender-neutral IDs now: ktnv.com/news/nevada-dmv-imple

Bad news: That means a trip to the DMV and wehhhhh

mental silverware chart:

* spoon: general unit of energy
* fork: argument defusal energy
* knife: ephemeral capacity for violence
* chopsticks: precision detail energy
* spork: natural crit energy

@Elizafox I don't really know, our relationship is super open and always has been, and I already don't comprehend the "traditional" sort of relationships tying you permanently to one person

But at the same time I do not feel capable of providing the same level of deepness as my relationship with Ras with anyone else, despite having many other friends that I do love

@Elizafox I'm not poly but I'm with a poly partner ... Except actually I'm not really sure if I'm not poly, anymore, so ...

*massive shrug*

pronouns: random.choice(["he/him", "they/them", "she/her"])

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