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@noiob "It's not subscription-based, you just pay for it multiple times" is going to live on in infamy

When a feature you made like 2+ years ago actually still works

I haven't done long-form posts in forever, but now seems like THE time for one of them, regarding a lot of things that have been going on in Mastodon lately. CW: uspol, meta cw.

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pride, uspol

@Siphonay Hi! This behavior you are now exhibiting is *completely unacceptable* and it's earning you a block from me as well. Jsyk.

y'all I am LOSING it at these transit pride stickers rn

cw meta

there is absolutely no reason to forbid spaces in passwords

@revenant couple this with the player growing in scale the further from the origin they are

random software dev musing

@shapeshifter @esp out of curiosity, how does your instance currently handle private (followers-only) threads when mastodon is involved?

you might be able to see from my chats with esp, but for some reason private threads are being treated as direct messages on my instance and not others, and I believe it's the lack of implementation of some feature, but I'm not sure which

@monorail and then half of them say to use "do ... while (false)" as a replacement and that's probably the single ugliest use of a do while loop in the world

when a goto would actually provide more context about what's going on