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food, silly

pup is making food again (cw food)

@BestGirlGrace seeing VORE plastered over advertisements here was downright amazing

unfortunately they completely rebranded lately so no more of that

mkwii, i am salty now

@noiob @typhlosion on the other hand tetr.io heavily nerfs the combo table if you only do singles

you can still send considerable damage with a 4-wide but you *have* to end it with at least a triple to do so, and that's considerably harder than just keeping a chain of singles going

@typhlosion @noiob so it basically becomes a dominating strategy unless steps are taken to combat it

PPT2 doesn't, and if someone does it and you don't, you just lose, that's it; it's too strong to counter in any way other than itself

@noiob @typhlosion either way, for *offense* you can easily get 18+ ren if you know how to combo correctly

and most games send absolutely ridiculous amount of damage for combos that high, like, five lines of damage for a single at 15+ ren

@typhlosion @noiob i'm pretty sure guideline mandates this behavior, it's been in all tetris games for a while

@noiob @typhlosion beyond that, if you do 4-wide you can have blocks *waaaay* off the top of the screen (like, 15+ rows above the screen) and not lose because no pieces are actually intersecting

so it has an automatic advantage for defense

when i see cute couples on my timeline i mash the favorite button on impulse, i can't help it—

@Elizafox it's either aggressively trying to convert everyone to The One True Language™, or shaming people for using the "wrong" language, and both bother the heck out of me

twitter link, intrusive thoughts that don't make you a horrible person
re: solution-adjacent funny quirks
solution-adjacent funny quirks

@monorail mastodon seems to be a huge resource hog, compared to anything else i've tried to host anyway

you could possibly tone down the number of sidekiq and/or puma workers to ease memory usage a bit

but aside from that, not sure what you could do besides downloading more ram

worldbuilding / self-lore
worldbuilding / self-lore