Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

I was today years old when I learned you could hit the ball back onto the tee ground in Neo Turf Masters and it'll put the ball *back onto the tee* for you

you ever look at images of your fursona and think "hey that's me! :3" and get really happy in a way you can't really describe and actively avoid unpacking at all


gosh i've been quiet for a while,

good morning,

@Kat alien hominid perhaps

can't think of much else beyond that

@maples @Raspberryfloof suggested this (with the subtitle) because she's a huge dork

good 'morning',

still here, just been very busy lately

@unascribed @KitRedgrave i've said it before but i'll reiterate, he was totally still an asshole but just kept it private then

For the record, if your instance proudly throws around "we've been on a fediblock list" like a badge of honor I'm just going to nuke all connections with you on sight

food, silly

pup is making food again (cw food)

@BestGirlGrace seeing VORE plastered over advertisements here was downright amazing

unfortunately they completely rebranded lately so no more of that

mkwii, i am salty now

@noiob @typhlosion on the other hand tetr.io heavily nerfs the combo table if you only do singles

you can still send considerable damage with a 4-wide but you *have* to end it with at least a triple to do so, and that's considerably harder than just keeping a chain of singles going