Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog


@Kyresti @Elizafox Can confirm that's exactly what Nevada felt like

The mintfox has taken off to space. ~w~

help get my family out of Oklahoma
nothing, possibly lewd adjacent
nothing, possibly lewd adjacent

toothaches really do just take all of my spoons right away, huh

been dealing with one for ... almost a week? and it's made it difficult to do things

@Elizafox *snuggles in close*

Love you and miss you too, Elly <3

@Elizafox aaaa
*leans into all these pets with a little whine, ears laid down* <3

@sunroses eh, it only requires you to have had a subscription at any point, you could get it once and then drop it and keep it

the bigger problem with the track editor is that there's just so _many_ things to do, choices to make, that it is actually difficult to make anything in it, in my experiences