Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

@Elizafox *petpets, with the occasional added scritch behind an ear* ~w~

@rnd keep in mind half of this is an attempt to please the unpleasable fanbase that literally wants contradictory things

I just lost a game of Fortune's Foundations by moving too many things onto one stack and being unable to drag the off-screen arcana 4 somewhere else lol

@Dex unlikely, the sources have diverged very far from each other to the point that the latter could barely be considered doom engine, it's practically its own thing

selfie/portrait, no direct eye contact
pixel art of biscuit guiltygear 🤟 🪀

me: drawing pixel art fonts is fun and how I like to use some of my creative artistic energy

me, after the 50th attempt to draw a decent looking ampersand: ... fuck

The Trans Name Checklist

Choose one or both:
* First or last name is literally a type of animal
* First + last name worth over 20 points in Scrabble scoring

"this incident will be reported to your local sys-admin ... or as the case may be, your local trans-admin"

@Elizafox @KitRedgrave OH it's probably the one I wore to sleep then lol

yeah i have like, three of those exact same shirts so I wouldn't have even noticed it's missing

@Elizafox which other one? i just double checked and i'm not missing any, it might be kit's