Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog


@ariadne @alynna @matoakit "Too many cuties to introduce someone to in one trip" sounds like a good problem to have, ehe

@Kyresti it's not just you, they're definitely terrible

I dread when something gets shipped with fedex after I've had them try to deliver to the wrong address, complain about not being able to get past the gate that we don't have, etc.

...and of course I'm waiting on a package from fedex out for delivery today, and just hoping none of that stuff happens yet again

And the reddit account of 10+ years hath been deleted

@rnd in most situations, classic mk ignores one of the two player's attacks, thereby picking a winner

in very rare circumstances mk1 will allow both hits to go through (basically, projectile trading with goro will do it), and you can tell the game was not designed to handle it properly because both characters stay standing while the "DRAW" text is on screen and the game cuts very quickly and abruptly to the next round

Why do people want to hack their 3DS? Oh I don't know, probably because you can't buy digital games, and the over inflation of "value" on the used game market means you can't by physical either, so literally the *only* way to get use out of it now is to hack it

@BestGirlGrace really funny how "dark fedi" is the cool side and all the actually abusive instances I remember all have low scores

it screws up a bit on mine, probably because an instance still running 1.6.1 was never on their list of things to consider when scraping shit; meanwhile i'm pondering ways to "accidentally" cause problems >w>

@loke @Elizafox The names probably give away the fact that this is for a game; I need to be able to jump out of a loop of title screen / demonstration gameplay at any time in response to a hardware interrupt

@Violet AFAIK no, they've always been sent only to the servers of anyone mentioned

(so if everyone is on the same instance, it never leaves it at all)

@starkatt pub.mastodon.sleeping.town/ has their actual about page

also something to keep in mind: they pretty recently switched to allowlist federation, which may be a benefit or a downside depending on how you look at it

@starkatt They're on secure+authorized fetch mode and new Masto really hates that now

@starkatt sleeping.town also does, and procuring an invite there shouldn't be too hard if you'd like

I had the energy to write an e-mail today, of my own volition? What on earth happened, that's _never_ the case

The last time I had the initiative to do that was 2017

When you spot Duff's device in the compiler warnings