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Random gaming things:

Your monkey in Super Monkey Ball 2 is supposed to make a different sound than normal when passing through a warp goal, but due to a bug, this only happens during the replay.

It turns out that the variable for "how many stages you're advancing" is only updated after the sound effect plays. This is how it's supposed to sound: is.a.qute.dog/media/ELzQgBpMj2

I think I'm gonna turn the volume on that one down a bit, one sec...

oh my fucking god Sublime Text

I'm writing ppc code here, I want to write "mulli" and then tab over

So STOP replacing it with "Multiplier" for no goddamn reason, I even have tab complete off and you're STILL doing this

Such a great time for Twitch to make some random change and break FFZ's game blocking...

so I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and I was able to talk them down from $460 up front to $200 and they’ll bill me the rest. Problem is, that’s still more than I have and I still need prescriptions. Could anyone help me?

paypal.me/shalmii cash.me/$halmii

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hugs on offer for anyone who needs them

1) Boobs are great
2) Boobs are “NSFW”
3) Therefore work is the problem

chrome offered to auto-translate youtube's 500 error page. it didn't say what language.

i said yes and this is what it gave me

technology is ok

I hate relying on ride-sharing services so much even though it's basically the only consistent way to get to and from work right now

Not only is it expensive, I get the occasional people that just left their phone on while wandering in a casino and I wind up late for work or not able to get home until way late

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