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the last match took an hour and a half,,,, @///w///@

So, I, won a Tetris Attack tournament at LVL UP Expo in Vegas today,,, @///w///@

@Raspberryfloof wound up winning the tournament in the most stressful game of Tetris Attack I have ever watched aaaaaaaaa

Yes I was on main stage

Holy shit nervousness

Out in Round 3, gave it a good effort is.a.qute.dog/media/girQw0VB-V

(Numbers on screenshot are 2-1, I was on right)

Oh god I signed up for the Tetris Attack tournament here I am making a mistake

Hanging out at LVL UP Expo for the day

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Oh okay mahjong soul's spectator mode has a built in 5 minute delay

That makes me feel more comfortable watching friends and showing everyone's hands

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when you're trying to play mahjong online and a tiny bit of cream cheese from your bagel gets on your touchpad and suddenly you're stuck unable to do anything

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