Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

hey i don't hear enough genderfluid positivity so let's hear it in the crowd for genderfluid people

Wanna stay home and snuggl, but must work aaaa

Lab says she was on something called Tiddy Skittles. They're underground biohacking pills from the dark web. One day she's working at a coffee shop, next day they find her at Target dressed like an anime waifu screaming "hhhh girls" and trying on bras.

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the last match took an hour and a half,,,, @///w///@

So, I, won a Tetris Attack tournament at LVL UP Expo in Vegas today,,, @///w///@

@Raspberryfloof wound up winning the tournament in the most stressful game of Tetris Attack I have ever watched aaaaaaaaa

Yes I was on main stage

Holy shit nervousness

Out in Round 3, gave it a good effort is.a.qute.dog/media/girQw0VB-V

(Numbers on screenshot are 2-1, I was on right)

Oh god I signed up for the Tetris Attack tournament here I am making a mistake

Hanging out at LVL UP Expo for the day

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Oh okay mahjong soul's spectator mode has a built in 5 minute delay

That makes me feel more comfortable watching friends and showing everyone's hands