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Wish I knew why my instance is sometimes really bad at picking up new profile pictures (usually erasing them entirely instead), but I know the answer is probably "federation sucks sometimes"

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I love having to reopen firefox multiple times a day because it forgets how to create menus

being shitty to devs is a good way to make them just never want to do anything anymore

hey since sleeping.town is down can you follow me on @zoe

pls boost

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Oh hi I forgot to post the picture of me a few days ago, still wearing my genderfluid hand warmers <3

(note: sensitive due to selfie) is.a.qute.dog/media/dXqutNPH7n

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I haven't even managed to make it out of bed today

It's almost 7 PM

it's almost 3am and snuggles would be nice,

why hasn't someone made the technology to cuddle people long-distance, damn it

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Little earthquake in Vegas about ten minutes ago

Appears to be aftershocks from a quake in California somewhere

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