Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

Holy shit Banana Blitz HD just became the hardest no-buy upon watching it

The entire beautiful soundtrack that was that game's saving grace, ripped out and replaced with generic drivel

I had the thought of commissioning art of myself as a Disgaea (2+) Green Skull for halloween, but anxiety again, oof...

That and I'm not sure where my ears would fit in that hood.

it's starting to get chilly, which makes me want to snuggle up with somebody that much more

Random weird thing: I lower the quality to 480p every time I watch a stream or video of Doom

99% of the reasoning behind that is my pure hatred of how most modern source ports try to raise the framerate

Mastodon meta

asdf, I went through all the trouble to fix zoe's avatar and it just disappeared again

Mastodon why

the lynne guide to flirting:
reply to random messages with slightly modified versions made to be about being gay. it doesn't have to make sense

they say - have you seen that new show on netflix
you say - have you seen my new kiss on your nose

they say - i ate a bunch of cookie dough and now i feel like shit
you say - i snuggled a bunch of you and now i feel like love

they say - why do they even distinguish men and women's tissues they're the same thing
you say - why do they even distinguish you and the perfect girlfriend they're the same thing



good evening everyone, it is the cutting room floor's 10th anniversary and we have a present for you

There are so many sweethearts I want to snuggle with...

Choke of the century on the last stage of a 1cc attempt makes me sad. :<


I'm still craving that tall glass of strawberry milk, btw :<

Mastodon: Things Break Randomly For No Reason™

yay, i fixed zoe's avatar,

i don't know why the avatar remote url got blanked, but i put it back and now it's working again

Craving a tall glass of strawberry milk, but there's no milk here. :<

Little by little, the avatars are returning...

Now that I can see new media is working fine, time to upload old media...

Oh, there we go. Turns out one of the S3 configuration options got renamed in Mastodon 2.5.0.

I'm using 1.6.1, remember.