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hi there,,, is.a.qute.dog/media/uM0O0yXk0y

It's been a while since I've been in the mood for a selfie, so

A couple of days ago I saw a thread going around, encouraging people to buy from disabled crafters this Christmas, so here's my #queer/trans/disabled contribution!

I make #zines and #Pride flag handwarmers. £15 + P&P from the UK to anywhere. :)



can somebody tell Jo her instance isn't reachable over IPv6 despite returning an AAAA record

╲╲╰╯╱╱ in
┃╲╲╱╱ this
┃┃╲╱ house
┗┛ we
may have made a critical mistake here

instance meta

I've grown so used to seeing CWs like this that it was kinda weird when I first started using sleeping.town as a backup and saw the old ones again.

So, hey, remember this post?: is.a.qute.dog/@KS/576422

I finally got around to implementing this flavor of content warning on static pages, too. (And made said static pages easier on the eyes, to boot.)

I just want to point out that while testing something I came across this old toot and my first, immediate thought was "I broke something again, didn't I"

No, I just literally posted the word undefined

instance meta
instance meta

so I wonder what would happen if I boosted a toot from an instance/software that only uses OStatus, now that most instances are running Mastodon 3.0.x?


The sad part about not having custom emojos is I can't spam genderfluid flag emojos when I'm in a mood

Steam controller arrived today

It makes for a pretty good alternative for a mouse, over my laptop's touchpad