Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

This is your regularly unscheduled doggy woof


This has been your regularly unscheduled doggy woof

i seem to have a weird issue with #pleroma / #akkoma, where i can't follow a mastodon user on their private instance even though it definitely didn't block or silence me, and in fact that user can follow me without issue.

but my attempts to follow them turn into "request sent" with no response. and no, their account isn't locked, either.

this may have happened because i previously had gotosocial here and they might have followed me there?

Sometimes doggy plays a video game. Sometimes doggy even plays it really, really well.

Like, "score WR" well. youtu.be/AdGRMpIyeQw

*points to self* That's me that's my current mood

I think it's cool how some people can be boys AND girls

It took seven years but I finally solved a puzzle in TIS-100 in less cycles than the self-test diagnostic

gaming, anxiety ref
gaming, anxiety ref

the kind of silly vindictive where you open up ublock origin just to delete the mention of a certain homophobic chicken joint

alright i'm doing a thing on fragment BOOTH because i want money and it's called the "I JUST WANT TO MAKE SOME MONEY" sale

all of my stickers are 25% off until the end of july! get cool stickers for cheap! check it out -> fragmentbooth.bigcartel.com



My family and I need to get out of Oklahoma. The amount of transphobia here is frightening, and the laws for trans people seem to get worse and worse.

Help a trans family escape to somewhere safe with a support network?