Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog


I just lost a game of Fortune's Foundations by moving too many things onto one stack and being unable to drag the off-screen arcana 4 somewhere else lol

pixel art of biscuit guiltygear 🤟 🪀

me: drawing pixel art fonts is fun and how I like to use some of my creative artistic energy

me, after the 50th attempt to draw a decent looking ampersand: ... fuck

The Trans Name Checklist

Choose one or both:
* First or last name is literally a type of animal
* First + last name worth over 20 points in Scrabble scoring

"this incident will be reported to your local sys-admin ... or as the case may be, your local trans-admin"

Twitter meta

remember to keep your genderfluid friends warm this winter so that the gender fluid doesn't freeze and they wind up stuck as one gender

got my covid and flu shots a bit ago

i seem to be faring a bit better than the other two here (@KitRedgrave and @Raspberryfloof got them along with me) but i've usually felt worse the day after, we'll see

Every time I write the 'register' keyword in C I feel like I'm committing code crimes

This is your regularly unscheduled doggy woof


This has been your regularly unscheduled doggy woof

i seem to have a weird issue with #pleroma / #akkoma, where i can't follow a mastodon user on their private instance even though it definitely didn't block or silence me, and in fact that user can follow me without issue.

but my attempts to follow them turn into "request sent" with no response. and no, their account isn't locked, either.

this may have happened because i previously had gotosocial here and they might have followed me there?