Kaito Sinclaire♂ @KS@is.a.qute.dog

a mastodon bot that automatically generates NES corruptions

say what you want about Papa Johns, they give me the best deals


(these images are three years old, by the way)

just randomly twiddling with glitch-soc on awoo and

wow glitch-soc's frontend is so much smoother and more responsive than vanilla mastodon

really the only reason this instance still runs 1.6 is because interface responsiveness is still important to me and my laptop can't handle 2.0+ very well

I'm feeling better now, mostly because it's nightfall and things have calmed at work

Being paralyzed with stress is not a fun feeling btw and I'm glad I have a headmate that can snap me out of it

Why are there so many calculators on my timeline, I'm confused

On the subject of random numbers, and proving that when making an algorithm used by the public for serious things, you can't be skimpy...

The curious case of RANDU: one of the worst random number generators ever devised, and stuck around until roughly the late 80's.


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I have to leave for work in half an hour and I've been too paralyzed by stress to do anything at all

*curls up*

I don't want to go anywhere today...

the removal of boat-elevators was literally the reason I left Minecraft behind

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... I give in.

After spending over a year fighting it, I finally dug up my paypal account info and set something up.

I think I am going to set up a patreon sometime over the course of tomorrow.

What to do with my current job, though, is a complete mystery, but I cannot take this for much longer. Neither can my ears.