Katie Sinclaire♀️ @KS@is.a.qute.dog

Frustrated at work? Make sure you mash that "Fn" key on your keyboard to show how effin' annoyed you are

Idea: Listen to Bitcoin, except random voices shouting numbers for each new transaction and "That's Numberwang!" whenever a block is mined

Sending a request for hugs to the greater fediverse.

Work has been frustrating and exhausting and I'm still here for another hour.

I think I might have just opened the gates of hell by changing my github username

Unreleased TrackMania(2) tracks: is.a.qute.dog/media/VPgZYx1meP

I like building in very limited spaces. Nothing allowed to be built over the dirt here. That's a 9x9 square, with a 3x3 hole in the center.

@Triplefox @pyredrid Hey, are you two going to be around during GDC week? Just getting some ideas of what to do while in SF

If I had someone to actually play TrackMania with I'm pretty sure my creative drive would come right back, but everyone I knew from that community has moved on by this point

thoughts for this instance's icon: a speech bubble with the tail actually being a spear (mars symbol, etc.) angled diagonally down-left, and a distaff (venus symbol, etc.) angled straight up intersecting with the speech bubble's top, both symbols connected using the same medial circle

problem: I can't seem to make anything that looks correct; this all seemed so much easier in my mind

it's been four months since socially.constructed.space shut down now and I just got reminded of it and got sad

good evening, it's 10:24 PM and I want to hug people

After today, 12 more workdays to slog through until vacation, oof...

(That's three weeks, btw)

hey masto friends. if you see someone like this, just delete the account. it's garbo spam. they're not actually trying to interact with anyone (and the supposed "service" is apparently some generic site builder tool crap)


Have a sample meme from the 'pokemon' section of our menu. Show more

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Re Windows 10: "I'll complain about update feature X, and friends A, B, and C will be like 'oh yeah, it does that to me too', and friends D, E, and F will be like 'that has literally never happened to me even once'" ~@DeltaWitch

Windows 10 literally gaslights its own users.

I'm just on my lunch break at work and feeling super snuggly

So please send snuggles, hugs, and affection