Katie Sinclaire♀️ @KS@is.a.qute.dog

Met up with (and cuddled and snuggled) @revenant and it greatly improved my mood <3

I'd been wanting to meet up for years so I'm glad something finally worked out

Do you ever use DM's with no recipient for testing?
You may not be able to in the next release


Things I've kind of wanted to make for a while: a NiGHTS clone...

I would pin that toot, but it's the only toot my server will allow to be displayed right now so it's rather unnecessary.

Get fucked, kiwifarms.

I'm on temporary lockdown until things calm down.

Affection is really good, right now

I probably need to take a mental health day off from work, today

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about 3 and a half days until i fly out to vegas on a business trip and hopefully get to visit @Xkeeper and @KS and @Raspberryfloof while i'm there

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I do miss having a little Yorkie to keep me company, mm...

*places @netkitty on lap and gives many pettings*

talking about dice on my lewd account is giving me the thought of "hey, I should make a Fortune Street clone again"

the mechanical switches on the keyboard I have on my desktop are starting to get flaking, repeating and dropping inputs

I was suspecting something was up with the actual keyboard itself from tiny little mistakes it was making when I was trying to program, but trying to play games on it tonight just made the problems totally obvious

Shark Tank would be better if it involved actual sharks