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time to form a snugglepile of cuties and do a snooze

In case it were in any doubt, the following words are absolutely okay:

"My Sylveon is trans"
"I'm a trans Sylveon"

Your Sylveon is/you are a valid ball of pink and blue ribbons and fluff! Work to tame your inner dragons, you have type advantage. <3

Just don't make sweeping generalizations! Those are harmful to others.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

Please stop with "Sylveon is trans". It's enby-exclusionary and you're also reinforcing garbage gender binary stereotypes in the process.

Let cute boys exist, and stop trying to make an entire species your poster child.

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@bootsy so is this gonna become your main, now?

Got an ad for this new "debate platform powered by reason" site, and they already have such a keen idea of the level of discourse they'll host

*sleepy doggirl splays across your timeline*

just to be absolutely clear williampitcock dot com is definitely NOT me, and is the same people who operate bryanostregaard dot com and mattstrout dot com. they are attacking freenode staffers, past and present.

@kaniini the setup for your IRC bot seems a bit weird? What exactly is the "target" host and port?

it's weird seeing posts full of custom emoji when my instance still doesn't support them

Wait, with the Knight cards inserted into the deck, the top straight becomes 🂫🂬🂭🂮🂡...

The Jack, Knight, Queen, King, and Ace... a _royal_ flush...


TIL 🂬🂼🃌🃜, the Knights of Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs, are a thing that exist and are in Unicode along with all the other traditional playing cards.

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I really need to get reference art at some point don't I?

But I'm kinda... too paralyzed by anxiety to ever do so...

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I've worked with kloeri on various projects through out the years, and would just like to say that he is definitely not a paedophile or Nazi.

by spreading those lies about him, you are assisting in a character assassination campaign against him.

the perpetrators copied both his personal blog (https://kloeri.livejournal.com) as well as the real exherbo website (https://www.exherbo.org/).

to be absolutely clear: exherbo.com and bryanostergaard.com are fake, set up by the perpetrators.