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suicide is not funny

I do not care if you CW it

suicide is not funny

It does not matter your intention, or if you're trying to harm someone you think is bad

suicide is not funny

I will drive this home as much as I can.

@netkitty is a good kitty and deserves headpats

*pat pat*

okay, header tags are now automatically downsized by 2 (<h1> -> <h3>) because larger headers are actively annoying the heck out of me

okay I whitelisted h1-h6 tags here and immediately regretted it

(I also whitelisted em/strong, but I don't regret that)

hi I don't have much energy to move around or do anything after yesterday, send snugs

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I feel like I dodge a lot of the fediverse's drama, or at least don't have to deal with it head-on, by being single-user. And that's a good thing.

I don't need nor want infinite outreach.

I see a lot of people say that single-user is Mastodon on hard mode and ... I'm not so sure that's the case after all.

Sure, having to set up everything yourself is a pain, but ... the other reason I see cited a lot, "outreach", doesn't really feel like that much of a downside anymore.

I really like being called "pup" or "puppy"

There's no lewd connotations here, I just really strongly associate with dogs

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Fun Nicalis fact: Did you know that almost all of the "fan" translation of Cave Story is actually buried within the data files of Cave Story Wii and Cave Story +?

Did you also know that most of the special modes in those games were also lifted straight from the community with no credit given?


I was two seconds away from buying Ikaruga on Switch and then noticed the publisher was Nicalis.

Hahaha nope fuck off and die you shitty company