Katie Sinclaire♀️ @KS@is.a.qute.dog

one of these days I'm going to bury @fenny in Sylveon plushes

oh no I have discovered WarioWare DIY

and there went like three hours of my night to just fiddling with things

You've been blessed by the Sylveon gif of happe
You don't have to do anything to get Sylveon's blessing, Sylveon already loves u

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Shoutout to the bi folks who haven’t always known they’re bi.

Shoutout to the bi folks who can’t be out everywhere in their life.

Shoutout to the bi folks who’ve never been in a same sex relationship.

I see you and you aren’t alone. ❤️ #BiVisibility

I just had to open the BIOS settings for my laptop, because Windows 10 thought it would be a good idea to move its own bootloader above GRUB after I used it for gaming last night

What a real piece of fucking work

i made a telegram sticker pack yesterday, by the way.

it has bad words.


Reminder: please call me "pup" or "puppy", it makes me all giddy and happy >w<

I don't wanna be awake but I have to go to work ;;

Help, how do I not feel socially awkward for literally every interaction, even something as small as holding a door open for someone

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