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Nintendo. Camelot.

Golf is a simple game.

You really did not have to—and should not have—loaded it up with a billion gimmicks in an attempt to make something "unique".

You *absolutely* should not have made those gimmicks required to progress through your "adventure" mode that so far has been about as linear as a hallway simulator.

(alt: an order confirmation for a NeoSD MVS, a Neo Geo flash cart, that costs ~$430USD)

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commission from @MistySnuggleBug@twitter.com and aaaaaaAAA this might be one of my favourite commissions ever hghfgh

this doggo's birthday is today,,

this doggo's birthday is today,,

I fixed a bug involving negative numbers, and added an animation feature. Here's some rotation:

I went and put a Mode 7 previewer online, after improving it a little:

It lets you write JavaScript code to calculate Mode 7 parameters as a function of the current scanline.

Lemme know if there's any anyway I could improve it. I can think of a few things that would be nice, like support for animation.

so i got the janssen vaccine yesterday

oof, it's hitting me pretty hard today, though


I was today years old when I learned you could hit the ball back onto the tee ground in Neo Turf Masters and it'll put the ball *back onto the tee* for you

gosh i've been quiet for a while,

good morning,

good 'morning',

still here, just been very busy lately