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(alt: A title card for Lost Labyrinth Zone, Act 1, from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, being played on a Steam Deck)

About time I broke in the steam deck properly

(Getting this game to work is a little chore, since Sega themselves seem to prefer to forget it exists)

snuggling up with @KitRedgrave and the old emacs "yes mxtress" post came up in casual conversation

we're all hacker dorks here ~w~

git bisect: <big change that you were happy to be finished with a couple days ago> is the first bad commit

I like doing self-lore threads, I should do them more often than "whenever somebody says a thing that reminds my brain of things I'd thought of before"

hacker doggy self-lore

There is a cute mintfox laying against me right now ~w~

meta sarcasm

Heading back here, will probably turn my sleeping town into a "wordle and related things" (e.g. Mahjong Handle) quarantine

Living situation, request for help
Living situation, request for help
Living situation, Request for help
re: wordle-likes

For the record: I'm definitely going to be using my "backup" account at @KS more, until I either move to it full time or figure out otherwise what I'm going to do with this instance.

You may want to shoot it a follow.

instance meta