is a qute dog

so this is how the gameboy theme for #tetris99 looks? pretty cool, but disappointing that the I block isn't a single piece. #NintendoSwitch

I messed around in #Inkscape and made a passable tetromino square, modeled after the one from #Tetris99. Here's a sample cam border using those blocks. Might extend it a bit for a stream border with a game inset.

this feels vaguely inspirational. like "you can overcome your mistakes" #Tetris99 #Tetris #NintendoSwitch

I played *one* game of tonight and guess who I KOed...

#tetris99 issue: it seems like hard drop activates whenever you hit up on the d-pad, even if you're also holding other directions. this causes unnecessary activations and can screw up the game if you're using controllers with d-pads, like the pro controller.

Got food, came back for another game. Took pictures of stats this time.

huh... this stats screen implies there are gonna be other game modes added later. #Tetris99 #Tetris #NintendoSwitch

i just played tetris agsinst 98 other people and got second place! #Tetris99 #Tetris #NintendoSwitch