is a qute dog

took this recording to say "come on, all that and no KO?" but i guess i'm just impatient #Tetris99 #Tetris #NintendoSwitch

perfect clear setups are so satisfying but i need to get faster (and more consistent) #Tetris99 #Tetris #NintendoSwitch

wait, so the french version of #TETRIS99 has the "KOs" setting labeled "easy KOs"? that's actually a better description! (at first i thought it attacked people with the most KOs or smth)



the splatoon theme for #tetris99 looks (and sounds) dope ^_^

so this is how the gameboy theme for #tetris99 looks? pretty cool, but disappointing that the I block isn't a single piece. #NintendoSwitch

I messed around in #Inkscape and made a passable tetromino square, modeled after the one from #Tetris99. Here's a sample cam border using those blocks. Might extend it a bit for a stream border with a game inset.

I played *one* game of tonight and guess who I KOed...