Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

@karma I hadn't been hearing good things about it, but ... oof, that bad, I guess?

out of context theatre

I got art from FlutterSprite on twitter but my instance apparently doesn't play well with small GIF with high framerate, so I'll just link to the post on Twitter instead >w<


So I made a hack of Puzzle Fighter 2 to bring the rebalanced mode of HD Remix back to the original game: github.com/KScl/puzzle-fighter

@Elizafox las vegas is a perfect example of this

there is literally nobody walking the streets or cycling six months out of the year, when the average temperature is in the hundreds and regularly it gets above 110

even standing outside waiting for a bus can be problematic

@Elizafox Up until, well, this month I actually did

Not that it mattered when the signatures would get rubbed off over time anyway

personal health

just remembering I forgot to take pills yesterday

hmm, that might just be the reason I wasn't feeling so hot

honestly, could use hugs right now.

fedi thoughts