Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

@vmstan It's been two days and nothing appears to have broken, so probably good

Patching out the latest CVE, hopefully nothing breaks without me realizing it

The worst part about having a cool game mod idea is the part where I have to make the mod before I can enjoy the idea

Oh lovely. The new Discord update can mistarget image uploads and send them to an unintended recipient.

So if you use Discord for mixed purposes uh... be extremely, extremely wary of that. 🙃


Bed gravity is even stronger when it's cold. ~w~

@linaciari having worked on Neo Geo homebrew has just given me even more respect for it, really; it was definitely ahead of its time in a bunch of ways

they call it centurylink because it takes a century for them to come set up the link

@socks (ref: Davidson, Henry; A Short History of Chess)

@socks and during typing that out I looked it up; original win conditions were in fact "capture the king" or "leave a player with a bare king" (capture everything else)

the persians introduced check/mate to have a warning for a king being captured, and as a result, to prevent games ending suddenly and accidentally

and the bare king rule fell out of vogue somewhere around the 16th century, because it was considered more noble to win by checkmate

@socks given chess has a long and storied history, I wouldn't be surprised if the win condition was originally "capture the king" and it changed over time, presumably because if you were in such a situation you'd just resign anyway

subtoot, just being gay really