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It would be nice to not be working Christmas, but here we are.

At least I'm getting paid decently for it.

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no like really... how do people fall asleep, and what is it that gives me such extreme difficulty in doing so?

I can lay in bed for hours doing nothing but listening to the white noise I have coming from my phone, but it just doesn't work

should be asleep, work in 7 hours

how does sleep work

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alrighty, how did I manage to pull this one off is.a.qute.dog/media/VGx0N9X_we

(relevant line: `X_/me hugs and cudd1FRX|X_2RX|X_3RX`)

so many lovely cuties here that I'd like to snuggle and cuddle

@Felthry three of them in fact!

And I still have all three...

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I will not be happy with Pokémon games until I can have a Sylveon walk around at my side with a ribbon coiled around my arm

I spent a good portion of today dozing off ... did I need the sleep or something?

If you record a VHS tape onto a DVD...

... is that circleulating the tapes?

Well, now I know that my phone's battery dies at 25%, oof