Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

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I seem to have lost my drive to do any programming work whatsoever and I feel shitty because of it

I have a backup account at @KS now, in case something happens to my little home here.

Obviously I ask Una for a sleeping.town invite even though Una isn't inviting anyone there anymore aaaaa


really I don't know where else would be good, though

I really need to set up a backup account somewhere but I don't know where

I think I've lost the past four days of posts but at least this seems to be working again, ughhhhhhhhh

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To all of you lucky people that got access to it early, don't post 2019 spoilers please; I'm interested in seeing how they're going to unwind this tangled yarn ball of a plot

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I don't think I need to ask anyone what my Pokémon type(s) are

It would be nice to not be working Christmas, but here we are.

At least I'm getting paid decently for it.

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no like really... how do people fall asleep, and what is it that gives me such extreme difficulty in doing so?

I can lay in bed for hours doing nothing but listening to the white noise I have coming from my phone, but it just doesn't work

should be asleep, work in 7 hours

how does sleep work