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So extremely stressed about work right now

I'm going on a vacation in less than a week, but work has no accommodations for time off for me at all so I have to rely on trades.

I'm not missing this vacation because it is literally the only time we've all gone out on a trip together, all four of us as a group. But, if I just call out that day it's an instant write-up because it's the day after labor day.

I wanted to enjoy my weekend, instead I got sick over it and haven't been able to do much :<


everyone loves sarahah, the thing that lets people on the internet anonymously scream at you

[5 minutes later]

we regret to inform you that sarahah silently sends your phone's address book to the developers

Can we get post editing already so I look less like a fumbling doofus

I'm not going to discuss politics stuff any further right now, I'm completely exhausted on the topic

But I feel context is necessary since it started on a Discord chat that not everyone may be aware of

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Actually in Vegas today we're getting rain and thunderstorms.

Quite a refreshing break.

I seem to have started a bit of a burst of political-related things on Mastodon...

... sorry about that.

The odd quietness is because I discovered Breath of the Wild and have been playing it nonstop.

Um... I guess, if anybody would really ever want to donate...
I have a Ko-fi page at ko-fi.com/raspberryfloof now...

I don't have any job or income right now, so ... anything would help...

Hopefully I can make some new music or game things that I can post soon, too...

I could go on this for hours ...

Maybe I should put that Monologuing thing I made to good use and just make a VERY long post detailing everything I feel pertaining to this series.

That is, when it isn't 5 in the morning.

I think this avatar from the AI turned out much better ... fittingly, I fed the AI custom "noise" to give me the results I wanted.

It seems a bit glitchy when it's allowed to animate, though...

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This is the part where I get called hypocritical for still planning on buying Sonic Mania despite all I've said about it, because I want to give it a fair chance to woo me, I bet

Just so you know

Sylveon boys are very soft and fluffy and cuddly and full of affection

OH, right, there's an "edit profile" link right on the compose screen