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random thoughts from earlier: "Action Replay for Real Life" is literally my (OC's) MO

AC:NH venting
AC:NH spoilers

reading reviews just before AC:NH came out: "the camera is the thing you'll be using the most in this game"

me: "ha. i doubt that"

me, ten days and a few hundred pictures later: "oh"

So uh, I may have accidentally pressed the "eat 1,000 bells" button while playing AC:NH...

It's kinda lonely, honestly.

E-snuggles would be appreciated.

@fluxom_alt THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY ICON ;__; <33333 aaaaaa this turned out so well oh my god

I don't like it when my sleeping patterns get to the point of being awake at these hours (~5am)

It gets lonely

Replaced the drifting thumbstick on my transparent green joycon, so I can use it again yaaaaay


Retro World Series hosted a Tetris Attack tournament at LVL UP Expo in Vegas again this year, and I was defending champ...

It was a hard-fought battle, but I won the tournament a second year in a row, after a rematch of last year's finals against Fuum (@xeshirefm0@twitter.com) ^w^