Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

Mastodon respect trailing underscores in URLs challenge

oh, uh, I have a patreon now


any help to get through this pandemic is appreciated >w<

i guess i found my answer on how to handle this anxiety

just talk it out

how am i even supposed to handle anxiety like this

oops someone boosted srb2 shit on my timeline again and there goes my anxiety spiking again

*pick up Godot, start messing around with things*

*immediately get overwhelmed and set it down again*

I'm never gonna get started with this am I

there's an idea i want to start working on, but i don't have the energy to work on anything let alone start up a new project from scratch

sysfs? oh you mean that guy with the big rock

current mood: my pronouns cause arbitrary code execution

god, apache is a big pain sometimes

minecraft, corrupt graphics
minecraft, corrupt graphics

laptop stickers are the millennial equivalent of bumper stickers bc we can't afford cars hhhahahaha