Kaito / Katie Sinclaire @KS@is.a.qute.dog

After having to work on this quietly for quite a while, I can finally share this with the world:

We're porting Petal Crash to the Neo Geo!

Aaaa Ashley deleted the Twitter post to fix the audio there and I don't have an edit functionality! TAKE FOUR

Man why are video codecs such a pain

I'll get this announcement right one of these ties

Yumeiro Yuram, possible spoilers

For the first time in my life I'm on a long distance passenger train. ~w~

If you like Petal Crash then definitely check out the upcoming announcement stream:

( Alternatively, it's Thursday, October 12th at 1PM PST at youtube.com/@GalaxyTrail )

Yumeiro Yuram (that Mahjong-esque puzzle game)
Yumeiro Yuram, caps
the new mastodon security vulnerabilities
Yumeiro Yuram (that Mahjong-esque puzzle game)
Yumeiro Yuram (that Mahjong-esque puzzle game)
Yumeiro Yuram (that Mahjong-esque puzzle game)

I really do like the smell of rain, it's very cozy ~w~

linux venting

Okay so everything spontaneously fucked itself, so fuck it. Matrix server's gone

Useless pile of junk

Element crashed so hard that it deleted my session and now refuses to decrypt any past messages, even though I verified the new session and have every other device that's verified currently running

If this doesn't fix itself soon I'm just throwing the whole damn thing in the bin, this is by far too frustrating to accept as a thing that can happen